The Beginning Of Exploration

The Galaxy after 20,000 years

The Beginning Of Exploration

1 “Humanity has moved from living in trees to living on plains, from plains to coasts, across different climates and continents. The act of constantly moving has allowed for continuous self-improvement. Differences between human societies should be seen as a positive aspect, instead of an adversarial one.”
(Science and the Modern World, by North Whitehead).

 Daneel Oliveaux remembered the words of a philosopher on the ancient earth in a little sleep. As a person who has been released from the position of Chancellor, he knew his next mission, how to take over the responsiveness of his ally Giskard and support humanity in the dark ages of the upcoming stagnation.
 Hari Seldon, who reminds me of Elijah Baley, who I met on Earth 20,000 years ago, is also aging. I need a successor. The Beginning Of Exploration takes care of Seldon.
 I was witnessing the remnants of the sea that Elijah was still there at that time. Let’s find the star with that sea. I’m sure that sea is on a certain star.

yatcha john s. “The beginning of exploration” “Dream of Foundation” Part 1