The Galaxy after 20,000 years

Blue Drift

Section 1
Daneel ’s Explore to the Earth

“The benefits of travel are just that it’s dangerous, it’s about embarking on an adventure without charts, it takes skill, and that’s why you have to be prepared for danger in the future.” “Science and the Modern World” by North Whitehead)

Daneel Olivaw muttered with human sorrow, knowing that he was a robot himself.

“I was amazed.”

He wondered if he had to re-excavate the history of the ancient Earth that he had erased himself. With another Prime Radiant from Hari and the finest data chips, he’s only found a basic record.

“My memory function will last for another 500 years.”

The planet Synnax on the edge of Blue Drift, a water star that was finally found after exploring the world of a thousand planets. His telepathic sensation suddenly began to make noise.

There is a slight jungle on this star, mangroves grow deep in the river, and bright coral reefs spread in the sea.

It was announced on the screen that many of the people here were from the place called Niff of Mother Terra.

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