The Galaxy after 20,000 years

Foundation dream
Part 1: Daneel’s Earth Exploration
Episode 5


Galactic Era 12028
Daneel Olivaw resigns as prime minister. Hari Seldon becomes prime minister.

Galactic Era 12038
Hari Seldon resigns as prime minister.

Galactic Era 12040
Wanda Seldon is born.

Galactic Era 12048
Dors Venabili passed away. Bellis Seldon is born.
Hari Seldon’s ally Yugo Amaryl dies.

Galactic Era 12067
As a result of the trial against Hari Seldon, the Public Safety Commission banishes the Encyclopedia Foundation to Planet Terminus. Becomes the 51st committee member of the Gaal Dornick Foundation, and is in charge of all aspects of the First Foundation. Bor Alurin assists Gaal and helps her connect with the Second Foundation.

Galactic Era in 12069
Seldon died of old age in Torantor at the age of 81, after overseeing the start of the Foundation Project.


 In the year before Seldon's trial began, in the year 12066 in the Galactic Calendar, Daneel Olivaw invited Gaal Dornick from Synnax, and in order to strengthen Hari Seldon's "psychohistory" and the two foundations. Embark on a journey to explore humanity's oldest home planet, Earth.

 Finally, Daneel found a similar ocean planet just beyond the hemisphere of the Milky Way galaxy.  As he had done before, Daneel changed his name to Hummin and casually entered Synnax University, waiting for Gaal Dornick.  For some reason, Gaal started telling Hummin endlessly about what he had discovered.
 Daneel is at a loss for words as he strongly perceives the girl's extraordinary inspiration.
 Next, he aimed for Hari Seldon's hometown because he wanted to challenge his Zeroth Law to the potential of humans that robots lack.  I have a feeling that something will come out of it!

My science fiction, Yin Yi, is largely based on Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series, and is permeated by philosopher North Whitehead’s philosophy of “movement and newness.”


 Daneel asked the finally completed data robot, which has a capacity 100,000 times larger.  "Leonard, I would like some basic information about Helicon."
 The next destination is Hari's hometown, Helicon. I want to know the reason behind the planet that gave birth to the genius.  And you might just find an image of the world after the inevitable Dark Ages.  Besides, I've done something that I'm sorry for Hari and his family.  That Gaal should be on a regular flight to Trantor by now.  There was probably only a slight uproar at the academic society where ls suddenly disappeared.  Just put a bunch of credits in your bag.  Although I did say it to Gaal's family.

“Because Helicon’s mass is only 1% less than the planet Synnax, which was just around the corner, agriculture is mainly done indoors using hydroponics, especially tobacco… Lovelock, a biologist, is a Gaiaist who believes that the Earth is a single living organism…
Come to think of it, Hari also said that he came from a tobacco hydroponics farm.

‘ Anyway, it’s Gaia again!’