Peter Ferdinand Drucker

The Galaxy after 20,000 years

7Episode 2 Peter Ferdinand Drucker
Foundation dream
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Episode 2

Peter Ferdinand Drucker

In the year before Seldon’s trial began, in the year 12066 in the Galactic Calendar, Daneel Olivaw, in order to invite Gaal Dornick from Synnax, and to strengthen Hari Seldon’s “psychohistory” and the two foundations. Embark on a journey to explore humanity’s oldest home planet, Earth.
My science fiction, Yi Yin, is largely based on Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series, and is permeated by philosopher North Whitehead’s philosophy of “movement and newness.”


Finally, Daneel found a similar ocean planet just beyond the hemisphere of the Milky Way galaxy.
As he had done before, Daneel changed his name to Hummin and casually entered Synnax University, waiting for Gaal Dornick.
For some reason, Gaal started telling Hummin endlessly about what he had discovered. Daneel is so impressed by Gaal Dornick’s extraordinary inspiration that he is at a loss for words even though he is a robot.
A new epic for the Foundation is about to begin from this exploration of Daneel. The reason why he aimed for Hari Seldon’s hometown was because he wanted to challenge his Zeroth Law to the potential of humans that robots lack. I have a feeling that something will come out of it!
In order to rebuild the galaxy, it is necessary to recover from the erasure of history, and it is necessary to revive the memory of the Earth, and at the core of this, decontamination of radioactivity is the key to success or failure.
There was an unavoidable big problem ahead of Daneel, blocking his bright future.


“Two species are characteristic: the first coastal people, the Inmareids, and the later inland hunters, the Mongoloids” (Akira Nara fb.2019.4.9)

Above the ruined city of Cassi, Daneel’s ship is about to leave Earth.
Leonard, who is highly polished, is already a good conversation partner.

Daneel:Leonard, what is the legacy of the Helicon people from the Earth era?

Leonard:John Nack, who lived in the 22nd century, writes in his book, Historical Thoughts'':It may be just my opinion, but there was no era as groundbreaking as the 20th century. I would like to say that Drucker is the best among them, because he saw in the Nif people a light that was not found in other peoples. He had an outstanding ability.”
And Nack introduces a myth. “God called the ancestors of the Niffians and the Heliconians to a clear river, at the foot of a great peak, and gave them a choice between two saplings; they were the same people until then. The group that chose the sapling that bore the fruit of wisdom moved to the west, and the group that chose the sapling that bore the fruit of life moved to the east.” Nack cleverly quotes Nara’s text. .. ..

I also have something I would like to ask you. Are you alright ?

The photo shows Claremont University in California, where Drucker was enrolled.

To be continued …