Mental Empaths

The Galaxy after 20,000 years

Mental Empaths

Foundation Dreams

Part 1

Daneel’s Exploration of theEarth

Chapter 3

“In my experience, mental empaths usually have other abilities as well.” (Taku Mayumura)

As Hummin, the robot now called himself, he(Daneel Olivaw) sat waiting a young man here on the planet Synnax on a bench inside the school. His real name was Gaal Dornick, a young mathematician and authority in chaos theory. He was also skilled in linguistics and paleontology. Since childhood, he had displayed his mental empathy abilities and even contributed to saving lives. He had a bright personality.

Two months ago, he had stumbled upon two ancient documents hidden behind the murals in the temple. These documents formed the basis of her upcoming presentation at the academic conference.

Daneel:“Hey! You are Gaal Dornick, right?”

Gaal:“Yes, that’s correct. But sorry, I’m in a hurry. Excuse me.”

Daneel:“You still have three hours. I heard you’re presenting at the conference! Can you tell me the context of the second ancient document, if you don’t mind?”

Gaal:“Huh? How do you know it? I haven’t told anyone!”

He said, but reluctantly sat down next to Daneel(Hummin) and started talking for an hour without interruption.

Gaal:“In the other document, there was just one sentence. I interpreted it as ‘intuition, empathy, interaction, fusion, joy, fulfillment’.” Just as he was about to continue,

Hummin interjected, saying, “and rebirth after.”

Gaal:“Why, you? Who are you?”

Hummin whispered in a faint voice only Dornick could hear. “I haven’t forgotten; I created the Zeroth Law of Robotics. This is an addendum with the Zoroth Law of Robotics.”

To be continued ...

by yatcha john s.